Business environment is getting more complex, rapidly changing and increasingly difficult to manage. Globalization, deregulation, technological innovation, competitive pressure and customer-driven market are key factors triggering the turbulent environment. Many executives are struggling with the issue of how to effectively adapt and respond to the turbulence. They realize a huge gap between actual performance and aspirations but they cannot do much. They fully understand the severe organizational issues triggering the performance gaps but do not know for sure how to cope with the pressing issues in the most efficient and effective way.

Accurate assessment of organizational issues calls for a holistic comprehensive approach. A partial assessment could mislead management resulting in wrong decision that eventually adds more problems than solutions as organizational elements are highly interrelated. All key organizational elements must be assessed for their effectiveness and adherence to the best practices. Inputs from people across organization layers must be objectively and independently captured. Fact-based analysis based on proven analytical methodology must be rigorously performed. Recommendations for solving the organizational issues must be accurately developed considering the interrelationship of all organizational elements. Priority must be set by applying the “80-20” principles to achieve optimum results and momentum.

To accurately assess organizational issues or effectiveness, we have developed Pro-SVAL model for Holistic Organization Audit based on extensive consulting experience, research and studies on organizational audit for prominent companies across industries and countries. The model assesses organizational effectiveness across four dimensions covering 25 key organizational effectiveness drivers. Strategic Intent dimension covers 5 organizational effectiveness drivers, Value covers 7, Architecture covers 7, and Lever covers 6. The model will be applied using two stream assessment: 130 specific questions are used to assess organization issues which then be validated by fact-based analysis that is independently performed. Pro-SVAL model will produce organizational effectiveness map showing effectiveness levels: “Priority for Actions”, “Room for Improvement” and “Strength”. Recommendations will be developed based on world class best practices and tailor-made improvement initiatives will be prioritized to tackle the most crucial issues with executable action plan for immediate implementation.