No matter how superior a strategy is, it means nothing unless it gets executed well. The ability to execute strategy is the key to improve profit and profitability as well as to win competition. Therefore, companies must continuously improve operations and execution capabilities through a well-designed operational excellence program to maximize value.

An effective Operational Excellence program drives step-level performance improvement through a pragmatic operations transformation. It provides bridging from strategic intent with practical application, aligns and mobilizes people across levels from the boardroom to the workplace. In addition, it provides performance-measurement systems that stretch the organization and provides operational control as well as re-frames the behavioral context to ensure performance improvements are embedded. In brief, an effective Operational Excellence program fills the organizational gaps in each level (i.e. top, middle and line management) to effectively transform strategies into actions: achieving the true “Operational Excellence”.

Our Operational Excellence Integrated Solutions (OEIS) has proven to be successful in transforming companies across industries to achieve “excellence” in operations. Our OEIS specialists with extensive hands-on experiences act as consultants, implementers as well as change agents. Our OEIS program, developed based on proven methodology, is tailored to clients’ specific environment to deliver real measurable benefits (e.g. cost savings, increased throughput, improved quality, increased asset utilization, mitigated risk).

We apply three-phased approach for designing and implementing OEIS program for our clients: Assessment, Implementation and Support.

The Assessment Phase comprehensively covers four areas (Performance Analysis, Process/System Mapping, Workplace Observations and Behavioral Analysis) and performs comprehensive and detailed look at the activities, management systems, processes, asset utilization and behaviors relative to the vision or strategy. It enables us to understand clients’ situation, operations, and improvement opportunity.

The Implementation Phase focuses on tangible holistic improvements in key OEIS Components:  Process, System and People. Process Improvement focus is to establish appropriate fundamental upon the operations. System Improvement focus is to provide management with tools to control the operations while People Intervention focus is to provide management skills to utilize process and system towards achieving results.

The Support Phase aims to secure clients’ OEIS investment by enabling the organization to continue the program independently.