High performance organization development is more challenging and hard to achieve than ever. Organizational issues and ineffectiveness are so severe hindering organization to improve performance and achieve targets. Executives are completely aware of the unprecedented challenges but struggling to find the effective way to make lasting step-improvement in organizational performance.

There is no simple solution. Successful high performance organization development program calls for holistic approach towards solving organizational issues that are interrelated. The program starts with the translation of company aspiration and strategy into top management annual agenda that will be periodically reviewed and evaluated. Then pragmatic performance indicators for people throughout the organization levels are developed with the alignment to the top management agenda. An effective Performance Measurement and Performance-based Incentive System must be developed to ensure achieving the targeted performance and building the required critical capabilities. Continuous improvement (e.g. cross functional problem solving and people and competence development) and healthy competition culture must be embedded in the organization to drive lasting step-improvement in performance.

We have developed a High Performance Organization Development (HPOD) Model that proven to be successful in boosting organization performance of companies across industries. The Model consists of five pillars:

  1. Winning Executive Agenda (WEA): High-impact value growth agenda – translation of corporate strategic plan and strategies into each executive performance targets and action plan.
  2. Superior Performance Management (SPM): Cascading executive performance targets and action plan down across organization levels through performance indicators, targets and measurements
  3. Performance-based Incentive System (PIS): Incentive and reward system that is driven by performance to reward the high performers (winners) and provide remedies for low performers (losers).
  4. Continuous Improvement Enablers (CIE): Cross-functional problem solving or business performance improvement initiatives, people development and competence building.

High Performance Culture (HPC): High Performance Culture development through practical yet effective program and system (engaging the whole organization levels and functions) and effective communications (strategy, content, format, tools, media).