Companies are facing an increasingly intense competition and turbulent business environment. It is a tremendous challenge for companies to drive profitable growth and maximize shareholders value, or even just to survive in such environment. Companies must compete smartly to create sustainable sources of competitive advantages and capitalize on every single source. Under such circumstances, superior corporate strategic planning plays critical roles than ever in building competitive advantages and developing competitiveness. However, the superior corporate strategic plan is ineffective (useless) without proper execution. Executional excellence is key to ensuring successful execution of corporate strategic plan. The criticality of strategic planning and execution is described by the following three sentences: Action without vision is confusion; Vision without action is illusion; Vision combined with action is transfusion.

A superior strategic planning process enables companies to stimulate strategic thinking and develop strategies that create and maximize shareholder value. It enables company to answer four fundamental questions: Where we want to go? Where are we now? How do we get there? How do we ensure getting there? Strategic planning should be a top-down driven and integrated process. It integrates decisions made at various organization levels and covers a complete set of critical elements such as: vision, missions, strategic objectives, core value, strategic challenges and imperatives, strategic thrusts, growth strategy, winning strategy, strategic roadmap, strategic initiatives, critical enablers, timeline and action plan. However, in today turbulent business environment, companies require dynamic approaches to develop and execute corporate strategic plan and business strategy.

We have developed a proven Superior Corporate Strategic Planning (SCSP) methodology and approach based on world class best practices and extensive hands-on consulting experiences. The SCSP methodology and approach have been tested and proven to be successful in various engagements with leading companies across industries.