Our Services:

Tailored Business Solutions (TBS)

Throughout years and wide ranges of engagements, clients often request Prosval to develop tailor-made systems, programs and strategies to address clients’ unique organizational, operational and business issues. The assignments aim to improve performance, build competitiveness, drive profitable growth and maximize shareholder value. The specific assignments are driven by clients’ specific needs and might have not been performed before. We call such assignments as Tailored Business Solution such as: Business Incubation, Ecosystem Synergy and Other Business Solutions Tailored to Client Specific Needs.

Clients value our “boutique” consulting expertise and skills in performing Tailored Business Solution that distinguish Prosval from “off-the-shelf” consulting firms. We apply proven problem solving methodologies (Hypothesis-Driven Approach), rigorous analytical framework, strong horizontal and vertical logic of report development combined with deep functional, business and industry knowledge to ensure successful Tailored Business Solution.

Our Services in Tailored Business Solution (TBS) include:

  • Business Incubation
  • Ecosystem Synergy
  • Other Business Solutions Tailored to Client Specific Needs


  • Tailored Business Solution (TBS) is consulting service to provide effective solution to unique problems, specific requirements/needs and goal of client.
  • No one-size-fits-all-solution – To be effective, TBS develops fully customized (tailor made) solutions based on client’s unique characteristic/situation which vary by companies even though in the same industry.
  • Solutions are developed based on fact-based analysis, best practices and proven methodologies from leading global consulting firms.


  • Solve company crucial problems/issues effectively.
  • Fulfil company’s specific requirements (achieve specific goal).
  • Improve company competitiveness, performance and shareholder value.
  • Optimize company business growth and full potential.
  • Improve cost efficacy and efficiency, asset utilization, risk management efficacy.
  • Achieve/realize company vision, missions, strategic objectives and aspiration.
  • Achieve/realize High Performance Organization (HPO).

Key Processes (Approach)

  • Identifying company unique situation/problems, specific needs/requirements and specific goals.
  • Developing “hypothesis-driven approach”.
  • Identifying root causes, key drivers, relevant key elements.
  • Developing potential solution options.
  • Analyzing options to select the best solution.
  • Identifying potential implementation problems/issues.
  • Developing effective solutions to address implementation problems/ issues.
  • Developing key enablers for implementation.
  • Developing key systems and processes for successful implementation.
  • Developing action plan for implementation.

Value Proposition

  • Real Positive Impact: effective solutions and accurate answers to company unique problems/issues.
  • Best Practice & Proven Methodology: based on world class consulting firm standards/practices (Booz Allen Hamilton).
  • Fully Customized & Local Wisdom: tailored to clients’ unique characteristics/situation and Indonesian context.
  • Prominent Client: various prominent corporations, such as: Telkom (Ecosystem Synergy), Telkomsel (Business Incubation).
  • Client Appreciation: high appreciation/recognition from Telkom and Telkomsel (impactful and fully implemented up till now).
  • Competitive Fee: very competitive professional fee (local rate).

Highlights of Prosval Services in Tailored Business Solutions (TBS) – Example

Business Incubation

Ecosystem Synergy


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