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Prosval Consulting is an independent strategy, management and business consulting firm

Prosval ConsultinG Highlight

Our vision is to be the quality leading strategy, management and business consulting firm

Prosval provides consulting services to help clients continuously maximizing shareholder value, for example developing “Winning Strategy” for effective response to Covid-19 pandemic


“Winning Strategy”
for Effective Response to Covid-19 Pandemic


Prosval Consulting helps companies solving their most critical, challenging and toughest problems with services from strategy development to implementation support




human capital management


Marketing & Sales

Tailored Business Solutions

Impact-driven training & workshop

Our founder involved in writing a business case of Telkomsel Transformation for Stanford Graduate School of Business – The business case was quoted in Booz Allen Hamilton Annual Report worldwide

Prosval’s professionals authored “Strategy-led Transformation” book (combining practical knowledge and best practices to ensure successful transformation) with testimonials from ~70 eminent leaders and received appreciation letter from President Republic of Indonesia trough Ministry of State Secretariat

“Strategy-led Transformation”

Kombinasi Pengetahuan Praktis dan Praktik Terbaik untuk Keberhasilan Transformasi

Eminent Leaders’ Testimonials

“An interesting conceptual breakthrough: adopting the Newton’s principles, which was studied in high school, to formulate a holistic and structured transformation model. Proven methodologies, best practices and relevant case studies from the author’s actual in-depth experience as a strategy and management consultant, is very helpful and beneficial for companies to ensure successful implementation of transformation.”

Indra Utoyo, Director of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (2017-present), Director of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (2007-2017)

“This book outlines models, methodologies, and principles for successful corporate transformation.”

Betti Alisjahbana, CEO IBM Indonesia 2000–2008, Founder QB Leaderhip Center

“Change is a certainty. All living organisms undergo change and only inanimate objects do not change. Companies, like living organisms, must continuously change (transform) to survive, improve performance and growth, particularly in this era of uncertain and unpredictable business turbulence. This Strategy-Led Transformation book applies the Newton’s principles in developing a corporate transformation model to ease comprehension and implementation for improving the effectiveness and success of corporate transformation, particularly companies in Indonesia.”

Budi Karya Sumadi, Minister of Transportation (2017-present), CEO PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) (2015-2016)

“… The author brilliantly formulates effective strategy and methodology in creating a framework for superior execution of transformation. This book is also equipped with transformation best practices in companies across the world and Indonesia. A useful and interesting book for those who are involved in business transformation."

Hardianto Atmadja, CEO Garudafood Group

In the last 17 years, Prosval Consulting has been serving over 100 prominent corporations across industries in Indonesia and overseas – We strive for absolute excellence and have “zero” tolerance to error in delivering services to our clients

Examples of Prosval Consulting’s Clients for the Last 17 Years (May 2006 – SEPTEMBER 2023)

Prosval Consulting’s Clients in Overseas – Examples

Client Example
in USA

  • Comprehensive Market Research for US-Based Power Company:
    Performed comprehensive market research for Power Industry in Indonesia to enable US-based company to develop effective strategies and to make the right decisions.

Client Example
in China

  • Comprehensive Market Research for China Automotive Producer:
    Performed comprehensive market research for Automotive Industry in Indonesia to enable a prominent automotive producer from China to develop a winning market entry strategy and make the right decisions.

Client Example
in Philippines

  • Successful Market Entry into Philippines Telco Industry for a Prominent Conglomerate (Market Entry Strategy and Organization Design): Developed customer-centric organization structure, job descriptions and job specifications, roles and responsibilities, headcounts requirement, unit interactions matrix, market entry strategies for the leading conglomerate to successfully enter the highly competitive telecommunication market in the Philippines.


“Prosval Consulting developed Transformation Blueprint and superior TMO (Transformation Management Office) for us combining best practices and proven methodologies. We appreciate and thank Prosval and team for professionalism and dedication in delivering good and on-time project deliverables.”

Director, Ciputra Group

“With in-depth and extensive consulting experience, Prosval Consulting developed Corporate Strategic Planning and Transformation Blueprint to prepare and enable Pelindo I to adapt and respond to industry turbulence. Effective, relevant and implementable!”

Director, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Persero)

“We would like to thank Prosval Consulting and team for the professionalism, dedication and high quality of work in developing Superior Business Planning and Customer-centric High Performance Organization for PP. A truly global consulting comparable standard of project deliverables.”

Head of Technology & Research Division, PT PP (Persero), Tbk

“Prosval’s consultants provoke “out of the box” thinking and inspire to utilize practical knowledge optimally and creatively to develop powerful strategies for corporate strategic planning and transformation.”

Director, Trakindo Group

“Prosval Consulting developed Corporate Strategic Planning to enable AP I responding to industry dynamics and realizing vision to be a world-class company. We thank Prosval Consulting for great endeavor, dedication, determination and professionalism throughout the project. World-class project deliverables!”
Director, PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero)

“We thank Prosval Consulting and its team for great efforts in developing Corporate Strategic Planning for Media & Printing SOE Holding with high quality and timely delivery.”
Head of Strategic Planning, Perum Peruri

“Prosval Consulting had been demonstrating great endeavors and professional conducts in developing Business Transformation Blueprint and Transformation Management Office for Lintasarta. We thank Prosval for timely and impactful project deliverables.”
Head of Business Strategy, Lintasarta

“Prosval Consulting has developed and delivered Corporate Strategic Planning for PT Pertamina Lubricants on-time. Prosval Consulting and team have been demonstrating great effort, professionalism and dedication throughout the project resulting in high quality and impactful project deliverables.”
VP Corporate Development, PT Pertamina Lubricants (PTPL)

“Prosval Consulting and team have been demonstrating great determination and professionalism in developing and executing Strategic Wargaming as well as developing Strategic Initiatives and Action Plan for Pelindo IV. We would like to thank and appreciate Prosval Consulting for world class and implementable project deliverables.”
Director, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero)

“Prosval Consulting applied proven methodologies and combined best practices with local wisdom in developing Corporate Strategic Planning and Transformation Blueprint tailored to specific needs and situation of AP II. Very useful and impactful!”
Director, PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero)

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Prosval Consulting is uniquely qualified to provide strategy, management and business consultancies for corporations across industries

What Makes Prosval Consulting Your Ideal Partner

Prosval Consulting has highly competitive qualifications and strengths in six crucial areas.

  1. Global Best Practices

  2. Good Track Record

  3. Qualified Consultants

  4. Broad Relevant Industry Experience

  5. Extensive Functional Experience

  6. Very Competitive Fee

For further information on how Prosval can deliver immediate impact and lasting results to your organization, please contact us

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Tel.  : +62 21 575 0908
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Operations Office:
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Daan Mogot Baru, Jakarta 11840


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