Operational Excellence Integrated Solutions (OEIS)

No matter how superior a strategy is, it means nothing unless it gets executed well. The ability to execute strategy is the key to improve profit and profitability as well as to win competition. Therefore, companies must continuously improve operations and execution capabilities through a well-designed operational excellence program to maximize value. An effective Operational [...]

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Strategy-driven Balanced Scorecard (S-BSC)

The ever more complex and chaotic business environment presents a set of unprecedented challenges to executives. Many if not most companies are falling short in realizing aspirations formulated in companies’ strategic intent and objectives. There are huge gaps between aspirations and actual performance. Many executives are struggling with the issue of how to effectively close [...]

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High Performance Organization Development (HPOD)

High performance organization development is more challenging and hard to achieve than ever. Organizational issues and ineffectiveness are so severe hindering organization to improve performance and achieve targets. Executives are completely aware of the unprecedented challenges but struggling to find the effective way to make lasting step-improvement in organizational performance. There is no simple solution. [...]

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Holistic Organizational Audit (HOA)

Business environment is getting more complex, rapidly changing and increasingly difficult to manage. Globalization, deregulation, technological innovation, competitive pressure and customer-driven market are key factors triggering the turbulent environment. Many executives are struggling with the issue of how to effectively adapt and respond to the turbulence. They realize a huge gap between actual performance and [...]

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Strategy-led Transformation (SLT)

Today’s business environment is increasingly complex and does not tolerate the status quo. The complex competitive environment is forcing companies to constantly adapt, change and transform. Companies must learn to operate by new principles and learn to respond to new rhythms to survive and flourish in the demanding times ahead. However, there are no simple [...]

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Superior Corporate Strategic Planning

Companies are facing an increasingly intense competition and turbulent business environment. It is a tremendous challenge for companies to drive profitable growth and maximize shareholders value, or even just to survive in such environment. Companies must compete smartly to create sustainable sources of competitive advantages and capitalize on every single source. Under such circumstances, [...]

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